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Staging Service

Help prospective buyers imagine themselves in your space…

Imagine you’re seeing inside someone else’s bedroom closet for the very first time. Is there sufficient space to neatly store all your belongings? When perspective buyers walk through your home, they’ll be asking themselves just that – and if a closet is packed full with a stranger’s clothes and shoes, it’s hard for many to envision living there.


The goal of staging is to open up your space and depersonalize it enough so others can imagine themselves in it. It’s tough to do on your own, since you’re accustomed to seeing your home as it is now. That’s why hiring a professional stager, with a fresh set of eyes, can make a big difference to the perceived value of your home, and the number of offers you’ll receive.

Straightening the clutter
of day-to-day living is essential.

But staging can involve much more. Depending on your property, market conditions, and the target audience, staging may also involve:

  • Putting seasonal items in off-site storage
  • Donating unwanted clothing, furniture and household items to charity
  • Thorough cleaning and organization of all spaces (including basements and garages)
  • Redistributing furniture to improve traffic flow and make rooms look larger
  • Temporarily replacing bulky furniture with streamlined rentals
  • Repainting walls, to refresh them, or change to neutral colours that appeal to a wider audience
  • Upgrading artwork with superior rentals
  • Organizing minor home repairs and renovations (or even more major revisions, like removing walls to create an open concept environment)
  • Refinishing floors or replacing carpets as needed
  • Adding inviting plants and home accents

The staging process starts with an initial evaluation and consultation. Then, we’ll discuss options with you and your realtor, and together decide what improvements to make. Once a plan is in place, we’ll take care of all the details in a timely manner – from hiring a professional moving company to move and store unneeded items, to choosing furniture and artwork (from Mo’sGiven staging collection or a rental supplier’s inventory) to make your place look its best.

Your home is one of the largest investments in your life. Mo’sGiven professional staging services can help you get the most for it! Contact us now to discuss your needs, or arrange a low-cost consultation.

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