Affordable Home
Decorating Service

Transform your environment into something new and exciting…

It’s amazing how a change in paint colours, window coverings, flooring, furniture, lighting, or accents can renew a space. But where to start – especially if finances aren’t endless? 


Hiring an experienced decorator can be a smart first step. At Mo’sGiven, we’ll take the time to first listen to what you’re looking for – whether it’s a refresh of the living room, or a whole-home update.

We’ll discuss trends and what things you want to keep the same, look at inspirational images together, and establish your preferred style – be it minimalist, rustic country, mid-century modern, or eclectic.

Then we’ll make some recommendations, based on our experience, and create a plan that works within your vision and budget.

What do you see around you right now?

If your living space doesn’t look the way you want, meet with the decorating team at Mo’sGiven, and together we can create an environment that truly feels like home. Contact us to discuss your needs, or arrange a low-cost consultation.

Our services may include:

  • Colour consulting
  • Coordinating painters
  • Sourcing custom window covering options, such as blinds, shutters and drapes
  • Selecting flooring or area rugs
  • Updating lighting
  • Organizing a professional contractor to do any needed renovations, such as replacing bathroom tiles
  • Thorough cleaning and organization of all spaces (including basements and garages)
  • Searching and purchasing furniture and storage solutions
  • Adding beautiful plants and home accents
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