About Us

Mo’sGiven dedicated team…

Mo’sGiven was started by Maureen Baidhi (Mo) and her son Given. (Maureen had difficulties just weeks into the pregnancy with her son. But many months of medications, bed rest and prayer miraculously kept him safe, so Maureen named her “God-given child” Given).

Maureen has a degree in Organizational Studies from Makerere University in Uganda where she learned how to structure organizations and manage teams of people.

She came to Canada in 2007 and worked as an account manager for a major bank. But her passion has always been for decorating and home organizing. Maureen says,

My talents at design and decorating come from deep inside – I put my heart and soul into what we are doing, and believe it’s the cornerstone to success.

As Given grew up, it became clear that he shared his mother’s passion. So together they started Mo’sGiven – providing staging, decorating, organizing and cleaning services to help clients keep their homes looking great.

Like Given, the company is young. Maureen and Given hope to find clients who will appreciate their willingness to work hard, and provide great value, to help them grow Mo’sGiven into an organization employing many people who also have their passion, talent and vision.

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